February 20, 2021





Building the Future of His Church
is the responsibility of us all.






Building for the Future - UCCS Catholic Student Center from Dio of CO Springs-StewDev on Vimeo.





Letter from Bishop Sheridan

July 2020


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

With heartfelt gratitude and renewed optimism I write to you about the Catholic Student Center at UCCS.  I am thankful for your remarkable generosity to this project during these financially and emotionally troubling times. My optimism rises from recent developments in the construction of the center and I wanted to share this good news with you.

Despite a few snow days earlier this year, we’ve remained on schedule.  We are still hoping to have the entire project complete by the end of the calendar year.  

 It is important now more than ever to celebrate good news with grateful hearts. Seeing the progress of this ministry center gives me hope knowing it is only possible because of wonderful donors such as you. Thank you to those who have pledged and made your financial support. If you have not yet given, I invite you to prayerfully make a gift to this campaign today.  As with any construction project, cash flow is always a challenge and our main goal is to stay on schedule for our college young adults.

This is about our youth — our future Catholic Leaders and members of our parishes. They will be the ones filling our pews and leading our ministries. I am asking for your support, and for 100% participation from all of our diocesan families. Now is the time to boldly trust in God’s providence.

On behalf of those who are working on this project, I am truly thankful for all the continued support of this Campaign. I hope you join with me in celebrating the progress made toward a future ministry center that will give our young adults in college a place to call home. May the Lord bless you and keep you always.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Bishop Michael J. Sheridan

As members of the Catholic Church we have a responsibility to care for all the members of our Diocese.

Your Diocese needs you.  Isn't it time you partnered with the Church to shape the future?